Alles is een illusie

You can leave if you want. | Change the world or go home. |

I left for a week of hitchhiking with 50 dollars. Anyway, in two weeks I travelled 6042 kilometers. I started in Laidley, went up to Noosa Heads and further to Cairns. My friend, on the first picture, decided to stay in Cairns. I don’t know why, but I decided to hitchhike to Alice Springs, 2400 kilometers inland from Cairns. 
The days were long, and there was a moment I had to run next to a car because the driver (after he asked me if I wanted to fuck him) tried to drive away with my backpack on the backseat. I never reached Alice Springs, but I had the opportunity to work for 3 days. 

Two weeks after I left Laidley with 50 dollars I came back with 580 dollars. I spent 40 dollars for 2 books and a map of Australia when I was in Cairns, a loaf of bread and a bottle of water. 
Quite an insane experience, but this is why I love travelling.